MEP Studio embrace BIM and offer a fully collaborative service to assist projects in achieving their BIM aspirations.  MEP Studio provide 3d design services as a standalone service or as part of the project BIM aspirations in accordance with the BIM Execution Plan. 


We have well established systems in place and deliver collaborative projects.  Company BIM standards are compliant with PAS1192-2:2013.


BIM & 3D Design

We have experience in delivering fully coordinated design solutions using 3D design platforms, so you can be confident the delivery of your MEP services and systems are fully coordinated and integrated with the Architecture and Structure before the first operative sets foot on site.


With our experienced Revit Technicians, you can be confident our expertise can meet your needs.

In addition to fully coordinated geometric 3D models we can engage with your client and end user to determine the level of non-graphical data required in the model and tailor the process to suit these requirements. 


3D Design Management

Whether your project is being delivered under a formal BIM process or not, we and our partners can offer you and your team 3D digital management of your project from inception to completion and if required, a platform for the end user to use during the operational phase of the building.


Using Autodesk Revit MEP and Navisworks Manage we can create, host and federate the design team and supply chains 3D models and distribute to the wider team providing a fully collaborative working environment that is accessible, not only to the technical members of the team but also to your client/end users who can be engaged much earlier in the design process.


These processes enable buildings to be designed collaboratively using a single model rather than as a separate set of drawings and offers you the ability to integrate fully into the design process. 

Using 3D design to bring the building to life particularly during the pre-construction stage of the project offers visual representation of the building which is invaluable when trying to mitigate design risk and tailor construction to meet fiscal constraints.


We can chair regular meetings with the design team/stakeholders offering digital model reviews and clash detection analysis to suit your needs.


What you can be certain of is holistic management of the 3D design process which should not be considered as a bolt on or separate element of design procurement, but as an integral part of your normal design workflow.  


For further information on BIM and 3D design management services we offer please contact us

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